Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Skinnier by the Inch, Not the Pound

Where to start?  Too much time has passed since I last posted on my blog.  I wanted to start writing each night but every single time my mind was way too tired to actually process any words.  Well it is better late than never so here is a quick rundown of what has happened the last couple of weeks...
Week five actually went a lot smoother than I had anticipated.  The last run of the week I was supposed to run two miles or 20 mins.  (You can choose to run distance or time and I decided to run distance that day)  I ran the two miles in 23 minutes exactly.  That averaged 11.5 minute miles!  GO ME! 
Having not been able to go anywhere to just relax and enjoy myself I was finally able to get away and relax on a mini vacation.  I packed my bags and was headed off to relax…not worrying about the huge maternity bathing suit I packed.  Once I got ready to put on the maternity bathing suit I realized that I must be losing weight because the bathing suit was having a hard time staying up.  I really didn’t mind though because no one was around to see me look silly wearing what appeared to be a colorful camping tent.  The next day I woke up to a brand new bathing suit that my mother went out and purchased for me.  Actually she bought two but who’s counting?!   I really hadn’t thought about wearing a ‘real’ bathing suit because I didn’t think my body was at a point to be out in a nice swimsuit.  Once I put the new suits on I realized how good I was actually looking these days.  I hadn’t and haven’t been giving myself enough credit.  Sometimes I have it in my head that I should look a certain way and I forget that I am actually doing really well considering only four months ago I had a baby.  I even sent my husband (who is deployed currently) a picture of me posing in my new swim suit!  He might have fallen off his chair receiving that photo because I have been flat out refusing to send him pictures of me.  While on vacation I went running to maintain all that I have been working towards.  I pushed myself and did another two miles and it felt great knowing that I could actually do this.  (I went a little off the program but that’s okay.)
Today I ran 2.5 miles in 28:45 minutes (again 11.5 minute miles) and felt great doing it.  My father (a marathon runner) ran with me again for motivation.  You wouldn’t believe how motivating it is to have someone help push you along.  He seems to be able to tell when I am winded or needing a little extra motivation because all of a sudden he starts telling me I can do it and to keep pushing myself.  If you are running and having a hard time with the longer distances try finding a partner to run with who will help push you.  For me, my dad is an invaluable part of my success with this program.  THANK YOU DAD! 
I know I have told you guys that I haven’t lost any weight (I need to weigh in for this week but I haven’t stopped by my parents house to use their scale....I don’t own one) BUT I have lost inches.  Last week while on vacation I decided I was tired of having droopy butt and hated my pants falling down so I went shopping for a new pair of jeans.  I wanted to get the same brand and style I had last time because I loved the way they fit my body.  Today I was looking for the older bigger pair so I could donate them and realized that they were bigger than I had originally remembered.  As soon as I saw the tag I realized I had dropped THREE pant sizes!  It was so nice to see that I have been reaping the advantages of exercising.  I may not be losing weight but I am definitely losing inches!   
Once again, I just want to say how incredibly happy I am with this program.  It has truly changed my life.
By the way, it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t include the picture of myself that I sent to my husband.  I said I would disclose everything…so here I am in a bathing suit!  OH LORD!!! 


  1. I give you MAJOR props! For running AND for putting a pic of yourself in a bathing suit online. I know how hard that must be and it just shows the confindence you have! Im JEALOUS!! My baby is almost 3 months and my middle child is 13 months so I am doing the C25K to lose inches/weight as well. I enjoy your blog and I just started a running blog of my own in the hopes of holding myself accountable. Or having other people hold me accountable, lol!

  2. Girl - you look AWESOME! I thought you looked great the last time I saw you, but WOW. You're amazing!

  3. You look AWESOME!! Wish I looked that good in a swim suit 4 months post baby!! You're doing great!! You've inspired me along my C25K journey & even prompted me to start my own blog. I only have 1 picture on there as of now but I need to add more. It's great that you have your Dad to run with you & help you out. Too bad you won't have a picture of your hubby's face when he sees your picture, huh?? :)

  4. Nice blog, love your story! Keep it up, you are on your way to the next 10k, 1/2 marathon and even...Full?